Deputy Chief, Government of Buenos Aires City

Clara Muzzio (42 years old), is a lawyer (UBA) and holds a Master’s in Administration and Public Policies (Universidad de San Andrés). She has three children and a great vocation for transforming realities through politics. At a very young age, she joined the PRO party as an intern, and in 2008, she began her public career in the Buenos Aires City Legislature. There, she took her first steps in the public space committee and, as Manager of Public Space Use Regulation, she dedicated herself to improving the walkability of the City. Later, she served as the General Director of the Microcenter Plan, a very ambitious plan that was replicated in other areas such as Tribunales, Retiro, Casco Histórico, and Once, making them more accessible and enjoyable, designed for people. She was also Director of Urban Regeneration, where she restored and enhanced the heritage of Parque Lezama and Barrio Chino. In 2016, she was appointed Undersecretary of Public Space Use and, a year later, Undersecretary of Pedestrian Walkways. After 10 years of working to make the City greener, more sustainable, and more human, she was appointed Minister of Public Space and Urban Hygiene in Buenos Aires City. During her tenure, she worked to return public space to the residents and improved the quality of life for millions of people with new central areas that now allow many neighbors to address basic needs – such as education, sports, and access to cultural activities – close to their homes. Additionally, she led a cultural change related to the circular economy, waste separation, recycling, and the incorporation of more sustainable habits in daily life in the City. In her new role as Deputy Mayor, alongside Jorge Macri, she aims to continue advancing the mission of making Buenos Aires a friendly city for its residents and the environment. Now, from a broader agenda that includes disability, communities, mainstreaming the gender perspective, and human rights.

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