MEDA - Country Manager


Claudia Rosales Modenessi is MEDA ́s Country Manager leading the project “Women’s
Empowerment for Central America” (WE4CA) for Guatemala and Nicaragua. A bilateral
project aimed to Enhanced gender equality and empowerment of women and girls in the
Central America region.

Claudia is an experienced economist with high-level experience in the fields of strategy,
project development, leadership, negotiation. talent development and high-performance
team management. She has worked in leadership roles of private sector organizations
dedicated to social and economic development, including the Foundation for Economic and
Social Development of Guatemala (FUNDESA) and the Mayan Cultural and Natural
Patrimony Foundation (PACUNAM).

Claudia earned her Master of Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica
de Chile. She also holds a Degree in Economics from the Universidad Francisco Marroquín
in Guatemala. She is currently working towards her PhD in Projects and Business
Management from the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (Spain). She is a certified
Executive Coach from IE Business School (Madrid) and a certified Coach, Trainer, and
Speaker from The John C. Maxwell Team.