Directora de Relaciones con la Comunidad LATAM - UPS- The UPS Foundation

Erika Vargas is the director of community relations for Latin America at UPS. In this position, she is responsible for all philanthropic activities generated by The UPS Foundation, including the creation and implementation of growth initiatives for the neediest communities in 17 countries. She began her career at UPS as a human resources manager, where for four years she led the area’s strategy. She collaborated in the development of plans and budgets according to the organization’s annual objectives, in addition to developing and directing activities in recruitment and selection, human resources administration, labor relations, unions and inclusion issues. Her experience and success in these areas led her to her current position in 2021. In this position, Erika helps design, coordinate and implement strategies to further The UPS Foundation’s commitment to making local communities more just, safe and resilient. She works closely with non-profit organizations, social impact programs and volunteer actions in Latin America to close gaps and meet community needs. In addition, she is responsible for the planning and implementation of platforms necessary for UPS employees to generate greater impact through their volunteer service in their local communities. Among the causes and programs that Erika leads are humanitarian response programs, resilience and disaster risk reduction management, inclusion of women, youth and communities in need in the economic framework in a fair and equitable manner, as well as the protection of the planet. Erika holds two bachelor’s degrees from Universidad Anahuac, one in Human Development and Education, and the other in Business Administration. She also holds a Master’s degree in Human Capital Management from Universidad Panamericana.