Ontological Coach

Mariana Ibero is a mother of four children and holds a degree in Human Resources. She is also an Ontological Coach with over 30 years of experience in the comprehensive process of human evolution. Her work is deeply connected to the discovery of life purpose, rooted in self-awareness, well-being, and happiness. Currently, Mariana leads the Organizational Transformation process towards Agility at Farmacity, an Argentine pharmaceutical retail company committed to health, well-being, beauty, and healthy eating. Since 2013, she has served as the Director of Human Capital. Her career began in the Operations and Human Resources departments of McDonald’s Argentina, where she led Corporate Internal Communications. In 2001, she founded HUMANA Consulting, her first venture, while navigating motherhood with the birth of her first daughter. Throughout her career, Mariana has played a key role in developing talent and training leaders in significant Argentine and multinational companies. Specializing in Cultural Transformation, Mariana has extensively studied human behavior in the pursuit of Purpose and the Evolution of Organizations in complex environments. Mariana is also an experienced high-impact speaker on Transformational Leadership, Cultural Evolution, and Personal Transformation. In 2023, she received the CHRO of the Year recognition, an award granted by the University of UCEMA, Diario El Cronista, and Revista Apertura, for her outstanding organizational management.