Co-Founder Primera Purpose Advisory


Sofia Stefanelli is a sustainable finance expert and entrepreneur with over a decade of track record in development finance and private equity, having worked with multilateral development banks such as the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) and European Investment Bank, as well as in private equity and strategic consulting. Throughout her career, she has gained invaluable
experience in impact investment projects in emerging markets (Latin America and Africa) and
developed economies (European Union), managing impact from origination to exit (often
accompanied by technical assistances in various ESG matters including gender diagnostics and strategies design).

She co-founded Primera Purpose Advisory, a women-led consulting firm specialized in sustainable finance and strategy, guiding clients both in the financial and corporate sectors to advance the global sustainability, climate change, social and gender inclusion agenda.

Sofia is a dedicated advocate for the advancement of gender equality, particularly in emerging
economies. She not only strives for increased gender balance but also actively engage in mentorship, guidance and networking initiatives to empower and support aspiring women professionals in the field.