Global Chief Brand Officer & Executive Director, Globant Argentina


As Chief Brand Officer, Wanda leads the global team of marketing, digital strategy,
external communications, and corporate communications professionals focused on
positioning Globant as a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent
themselves and unleash their full potential.

Within her responsibilities, she supervises all global Employer Brand and Corporate
Communication programs, including Globant’s relations with the press in the United
States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, internal and external communication
strategies, and communications in crises. In addition, he is in charge of the Stay
Relevant department (which carries out all the programs related to helping clients
understand the future and the possibilities of their organizations). She supervises
research, marketing activities, relations with analysts, and content production.
As Executive Director, Wanda accompanies the growth and development of the
company in Argentina based on fundamental values such as diversity and inclusion.
Additionally, she is responsible for developing and promoting the company’s
strategy in the country with the aim of continuing local growth and development,
providing world-class opportunities for Argentine talent.

Wanda started her career as a senior consultant when Globant was a group of only
100 people. Has actively participated in the growth of Globant since it was a small
startup to become the first Latin American IT company to be listed on the NYSE and
be one of the 5 original unicorns in Argentina.

She has a Bachelor of Communication from the Universidad Austral and completed
postgraduate studies in Marketing at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina.